Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fish In A Bowl

So I have not been blogging lately.
I check my stats once in a while and a few months ago I noticed I get a lot of pageviews.
And here is where I get them from.
A huge THANK YOU! for linking....

We tried the Easy Fishbowl Craft for Preschoolers today.

We painted our small paper plate with blue tempera paint.
Watercolor can be used too, and has a nice uneven effect.
Sprinkle on some blue, green or silver glitter and your fishbowl would be sparkling!

 Then we glued on red mung beans (its what we had on hand).

Thank you again Daisy Cottage Designs for the inspiration and thank you too, The Cutest Blog on The Block!
Linking the 'love' back to you.

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