Monday, June 27, 2011

More Home/Teacher Made Manipulatives

Paint chips from Pogi Papa. They make fantastic color tablets.

 I cut them in to then laminated them.
 I cut folder slides according to the width of he laminated paint chips
Fill a slide with hot glue (glue gun) then attach one end of the tablet. Do the same on the other side.

 This is my Color Box 1

 Sandpaper letters. They all fit nicely in the storage box I bought at Al-Rawnaq.
 First I cut the foam boards into rectangles. Then printed out the alphabet in lower case, cut them out and traced them (face down) onto the back of the sandpaper. Then I cut the sand paper (I used a small pair of scissors to get through those curves and holes) and glued them onto the boards.
Counting Coconuts. I found this great idea here. I thought I'd make one for my class.

 Color Bingo. Color matching for toddlers and twos. The mats are made from A3 board and the splashes from craft foam.


  1. I love how you creatively prepare materials! I was focusing on DIY color tablets in my post today. Yours are great - simple and inexpensive yet attractive. I featured your post and photo at

  2. Thanks Deb! I'm now grabbing your Montessori Monday Button. :)


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