Friday, November 4, 2016

Jellyfish Craft

This month we are talking about bath, bubbles, beaches, boats, fishes, whales and snails. So while talked about fishes in the sea, somebody said. "Jellyfish go up and down too!"
The next day, we made our own jellyfish.


You will need:

Jellyfish pattern:
Pattern fits A4 size paper.

I used blue board

For the tentacles we used:
Yarn. Use any color you want.

The length is about 60 cm

And crepe paper strips. We used blue and white.

Small muffin liners for eyes.

And black felt cloth cut into small circles.

The process.

I don't show samples to the children. I usally prepare the materials and show them a real picture of the object we will craft and then allow them to create their own versions.
We watched a couple of jellyfish videos on YouTube first then agreed to make our own jellyfish. 

After painting, we played with bubbles outside.

Then proceeded to put the tentacles.

I helped in gluing on the eyes. It took a while to dry so we only got to play with our jellyfish the next day.

Happy crafting!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

I Am A Teacher

Lately, I have been battling with myself. I am at the threshold of stepping into a very, very busy life. Not that I am in a not so busy life right now. But I would like to give my life full time to God. So in between the lesson planning, learning new songs, preparing materials, cooking, cleaning, laundry, households, GA's, fellowships and everything else in my life - I took a step back and viewed it from another person's point of view. And the battle has not yet been won over. So I will now attempt to convince my other self (the one who saw my life in another person's point of view) and pray that God will back me up on this one.

I am a teacher. I inspire young minds. I affirm, I love, I encourage, I lift up. I wipe tears, snot and all other stuff that comes out of kids. I give hugs, kisses, back rubs and pats. I sing, dance, play, and every other thing a child does. I am second mommy and daddy, nanny, playmate. And at the same time, I also observe, assess and plan.

I am a teacher. And this is how I serve God. I will not be distracted. I practice patience and self-control. I use my words to uplift and encourage. With this, I pray that I am glorifying Him. I am exposed to sickness all the time. I put my own needs last when I am in the classroom (like going to the bathroom). I am constantly denying myself. I pray that this purifies and sanctifies me and that the Lord watch over my health.
I am a teacher. And I do this because I believe that children are a gift from God. They are our future. This is my calling. This is what God wants me to do. My constant prayer is that He guide me and lead me to where I would be able to glorify and serve Him to the fullest of my ability.

When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, 'I used everything you gave me'.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fish In A Bowl

So I have not been blogging lately.
I check my stats once in a while and a few months ago I noticed I get a lot of pageviews.
And here is where I get them from.
A huge THANK YOU! for linking....

We tried the Easy Fishbowl Craft for Preschoolers today.

We painted our small paper plate with blue tempera paint.
Watercolor can be used too, and has a nice uneven effect.
Sprinkle on some blue, green or silver glitter and your fishbowl would be sparkling!

 Then we glued on red mung beans (its what we had on hand).

Thank you again Daisy Cottage Designs for the inspiration and thank you too, The Cutest Blog on The Block!
Linking the 'love' back to you.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Umbrella Craft

I brought an umbrella to class during our 4 Season Theme. The kids loved it! We pretended to go out in a drizzle, then rain, then heavy rain and finally a storm. We imagined being dragged up, up, up in the air! 
Everyone wanted a turn to hold the umbrella. And when it was time to keep it, the kids begged to play with it more. 
So while I allowed them to explore more of the umbrella, I prepared a quick craft activity. 

I drew an umbrella and took out some craft sticks for handles.
You can download the template here.
Then some of the kids noticed what I was doing so We started painting.

We let it dry while we ate our snacks. I then cut out the umbrella and taped the craft stick on it.
Each kid had his/ her own umbrella!

Its time to go out in the rain!
But of course we have to pretend.
Rain seldom falls here in Qatar.

Download the umbrella template and make your own.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Hundred Things To Be Thankful For

Today, I have a hundred things to be thankful for. 
But let me name just a few. 
I am thankful for the spiritual blessings and the grace to live out God's love and to share this love to others. 
I am thankful for the love and support of my countrymen who chose to lift their "kababayans" up rather than pulling them down. 
I am thankful for brothers and sisters in spiritual communities, who pray and intercede for one another unceasingly. 
I am thankful for General Managers who lead their companies with wisdom, kindness and integrity. 
He has  more of his employees respect and loyalty than of their tyrant counterparts' power. 
I am thankful for co-workers, who may be of different nationality and religion, encourage and pray for a co-worker in need. 
I am thankful for all husbands (especially mine) who strive to provide and build for his family's future. I am thankful for all parents, who are devoted to their children just as our God is. 
I am thankful for each person who unselfishly gives their time, utter a few words of encouragement, compliment and appreciate a person without asking anything in return.

The love and kindness you show has a profound impact on the way I teach. 
You inspire me to mold and motivate little children into becoming kind, compassionate, respectful, generous, positive and prayerful members of society.

I hope you enjoyed the cupcake!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

If You Give A Teacher A Margarita

Inspired by the book If You give A Mouse A Cookie by Laura Numeroff
A collaboration between Teachers Weena, Blue, Mai, Reena, Patty, Emei, Christine and Hazel

If you give a teacher a margarita, she'll want some nachos and guacamole with it. 

When she's finished with the nachos and guacamole, she'll be reminded of Mexico so she'll want to dance the salsa. Dancing the salsa will make her remember her dance classes when she was a kid which will make her homesick and want to call home. 

So she'll look for her mobile phone and call home. She will become a bit teary eyed and would want to blow her nose. Blowing her nose would remind her that she needs to replenish the box of tissues in her classroom. 

So she'll head to the nearest drug store to buy a few boxes. When she's in the drug store she'll want to take a basket in case she finds some more things she might need in her classroom. She'll probably find some cute Disney band aids to give her kids even when they don't have a boo-boo and some tongue depressors for crafts. Before she knows it, she'll have a basket full of stuff.  She'll look at her basket feeling satisfied with everything she was able to buy, and decide to grab a good snack. 

So she walks to Starbucks to order her favorite Chai Tea Latte and strawberry cheese cake. Drinking her tea made her want to finish reading her latest book about tea parties and vanilla ice cream. So she'll take her ipad from her bag and start reading. After reading a few chapters, she'll want to call her husband. 
While scrolling down the names on her phone, she'll see the names of her teacher friends and start texting them one by one. Then she'll decide to have a party (since its a Friday). And whenever there's a party, chances are....
They will all want a margarita!

Happy World Teachers' Day!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

I Love You, No Matter What

I just want to share my conviction about loving children unconditionally....
This may be the answer to my colleagues' questions...

Who do the children love you so much?

The answer is simple.

I love children. 
Because its fun to be among them and their antics amuse me.

But, I also 'love' them.
I love them when they're crying, 
I love them when they don't cooperate, 
I love them when they hit or bite their friends. 
I  love them when they scream and whine or run around aimlessly. 
I love them unconditionally.
 Not because they made their artwork neat and pretty.
 Not because they just sit at look at me all day. And, not because they give me gifts.
I love them unconditionally.
Just because they are.
No matter what.....

And I tell them I love them.
I show them I love them.

They know.
Children know if you truly love them or not.
They just know.

We sing this song at Circle Time

And the children love it. We made our own actions.
I make sure I sing it sincerely with them.

Maybe its the years of praying and reflection on how to do this task
(of loving children),
God has put upon my shoulders.
I honestly pray to God to give me the grace to love the children he entrusts to me.
That I may love them the way He loves me.
Or at least I'm trying to.

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