Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Hundred Things To Be Thankful For

Today, I have a hundred things to be thankful for. 
But let me name just a few. 
I am thankful for the spiritual blessings and the grace to live out God's love and to share this love to others. 
I am thankful for the love and support of my countrymen who chose to lift their "kababayans" up rather than pulling them down. 
I am thankful for brothers and sisters in spiritual communities, who pray and intercede for one another unceasingly. 
I am thankful for General Managers who lead their companies with wisdom, kindness and integrity. 
He has  more of his employees respect and loyalty than of their tyrant counterparts' power. 
I am thankful for co-workers, who may be of different nationality and religion, encourage and pray for a co-worker in need. 
I am thankful for all husbands (especially mine) who strive to provide and build for his family's future. I am thankful for all parents, who are devoted to their children just as our God is. 
I am thankful for each person who unselfishly gives their time, utter a few words of encouragement, compliment and appreciate a person without asking anything in return.

The love and kindness you show has a profound impact on the way I teach. 
You inspire me to mold and motivate little children into becoming kind, compassionate, respectful, generous, positive and prayerful members of society.

I hope you enjoyed the cupcake!

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