Thursday, October 4, 2012

If You Give A Teacher A Margarita

Inspired by the book If You give A Mouse A Cookie by Laura Numeroff
A collaboration between Teachers Weena, Blue, Mai, Reena, Patty, Emei, Christine and Hazel

If you give a teacher a margarita, she'll want some nachos and guacamole with it. 

When she's finished with the nachos and guacamole, she'll be reminded of Mexico so she'll want to dance the salsa. Dancing the salsa will make her remember her dance classes when she was a kid which will make her homesick and want to call home. 

So she'll look for her mobile phone and call home. She will become a bit teary eyed and would want to blow her nose. Blowing her nose would remind her that she needs to replenish the box of tissues in her classroom. 

So she'll head to the nearest drug store to buy a few boxes. When she's in the drug store she'll want to take a basket in case she finds some more things she might need in her classroom. She'll probably find some cute Disney band aids to give her kids even when they don't have a boo-boo and some tongue depressors for crafts. Before she knows it, she'll have a basket full of stuff.  She'll look at her basket feeling satisfied with everything she was able to buy, and decide to grab a good snack. 

So she walks to Starbucks to order her favorite Chai Tea Latte and strawberry cheese cake. Drinking her tea made her want to finish reading her latest book about tea parties and vanilla ice cream. So she'll take her ipad from her bag and start reading. After reading a few chapters, she'll want to call her husband. 
While scrolling down the names on her phone, she'll see the names of her teacher friends and start texting them one by one. Then she'll decide to have a party (since its a Friday). And whenever there's a party, chances are....
They will all want a margarita!

Happy World Teachers' Day!

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  1. Now let's cheers to that! Thanks for coming up with this super great idea superweena! I sooo love it! I'm happy to be a part of it. Happy World Teacher's Day to all my cool teacher friends!!! *love-love*


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