Wednesday, February 15, 2012

If You Take A Teacher To The Zoo

Handsome Hubby and I went on a Valentine date at Doha Zoo.

At 8:20 am, we were the only guests there. For a couple of hours, we had the zoo for ourselves. We held hands while walking (HHWW) and we got to give each other sneaky kisses.
We had so much fun and it was sweet and romantic too.

But if you take a preschool teacher to the zoo, here's what she'll do.

The night before she goes, Raffi's song, Going To The Zoo keeps playing in her head.
She may even sing it out loud.
And sing the song on the way to the zoo.

She'll sing a song about every animal she sees.
do the elephant (prrrwww),
do the elephant (prrrwww),
that's alright...."

And wishes she knew more songs about the other animals.
In that case she'll just hum a tune related to that animal like Disney's Fantasia 2000 - Flamingo

She remembers every Disney or non-Disney movie about each animal.

And names the animals after a Disney or non-Disney movie character.
Nigel in Rio

Timone in Lion King - and friend

Or after a children's story book character.

Chester Raccoon - The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn
Is Your Mama A Llama by Deborah Guarino

And would find an animal whose name begins with each letter of the alphabet.

What else might a teacher do if you take her to the zoo?


  1. Great post! I recently went to the zoo in Tokyo and did almost the same thing!! I couldn't stop singing "Let's Go To The Zoo" from the Super Simple Songs - Animals CD, especially as I watched the polar bear swimming around!

    1. Thanks Sara! Now I've got to get myself a copy of that CD. :)


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