Wednesday, February 1, 2012

5 Little Monkeys

No, they're not jumping on the bed.
They're hanging on a tree.
Kids love this.
Maybe because of the SNAP! thing.

We're learning about monkeys.
And after saying the rhyme to and with the children, they became curious.
Do crocodiles eat monkeys?
I'm amazed that my not-quite-4-year-olds aren't shocked.
(Maybe if it was translated in Arabic. Hmmmm....)

We say the rhyme a couple more times.
They really love the anticipation... SNAP!

Take out a monkey after each rhyme 
then ask the children to count how many monkeys were left.

I made a watercolor painting of a jungle with a swamp and a tree to 'hang' the monkeys.
Then drew crocodile, painted and laminated it.
And made 5 monkeys from felt cloth.

This now will be left hanging on our classroom wall for a few more weeks.
The children play with it and say the rhyme themselves 
or ask me to say the rhyme with them while they play with it.

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