Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fire Station Fieldtrip

My status last Thursday on my Facebook page read: "Fieldtrip blooper: We went to the wrong fire station! But we had fun though.

And yes, we had fun. Oblivious to the fact that the firemen were feeling a bit 'ambushed.'
We went to the Civil Defense Headquarters in Doha, at Onaiza street

They showed us their firetrucks - big and small.
And let us touch and explore.

We took a look inside a fire truck.

 They were very happy to show us around.

Each one had a turn holding the big hose.

And also got a turn on the hoist platform.

We had juice.

All along we thought that we were in the right fire station.
So when we were in the van, on our way back to the nursery, our manager called.

Rachelle( our Nursery Nurse) : Hello Madam.
Madam: Where are you? Where did you go? Why didn't you go to the fire station
Rachelle: We went to the fire station near the Hamad accommodation
Madam: You were supposed to go to Azizia


Then our Arabic teacher shared with us her conversation with the Chief.
(In Arabic, but now translated in English)
Chief: Did you call us beforehand?
Abla: Yes, our manager called you. You must have forgotten.
Chief: Ah, yes, I may have forgotten....

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