Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dd Is For Dog

Here's a simple and easy paper craft for learning the letter Dd or about dogs. My 2-3 year olds were able to do it with minimal assistance.

   black colored paper
   light yellow colored paper
   orange colored paper
   wiggly eyes

I cut the pieces beforehand so all they would do is glue them on. I showed them a picture of a real dog and asked them to point out its ears, snout, nose, eyes and whiskers. Then I showed them how to fold the paper to make the ears. Then, I showed them each piece of paper and asked them what part of the dog's face they think it was. And then I gave them glue....

Most of the parts went on nicely, some eyes were way up, some were near the snout. And some noses were in the middle of the snout... and the whiskers! They were all over! I guess they were a bit too small for their fingers to manipulate.

All the time we were making this, the kids kept saying 'd-d-dog'.

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