Friday, October 14, 2011

There Is No Other Job I'd Rather Do

than to teach young children.

I have had a very rough week.
It came to a point where I stepped out of the classroom 
(and left my poor, equally tired assistant with 13 three year olds, still adjusting to Nursery school)
to take a deep breath.
Then thoughts of finding another job came rushing through my mind.
Being a Preschool teacher isn't as easy as you think.
It's physical work -  It's hugging, comforting, carrying children when they need it. And, singing and dancing, jumping, crawling, skipping, running and playing.
It's also running across the playroom to be ready in case a child falls off a slide.
It's mental work - Planning activities that will facilitate learning in all aspects: physical, cognitive, socio-emotional, motor skills...
It's emotional work - Tuning in to the children's emotional needs and attending to them. Comforting new comers, creating rapport, adjusting to different personalities.

I closed my eyes tight, tears ran down my face....
and then I saw this, playing in my head.

And, there's nothing I'd rather be -
than to be Teacher Weena.

Would you do rather do something else?

Scoot over to Learning for Life for a list of reasons why preschool teachers think its the best job in the world.


  1. What a brilliant post - and I know exactly what you mean - somedays it can be overwhelmingly difficult & stressful but the majority of the time I can't imagine doing anything else :)

  2. Hello! I have been having a tough time too at my school, but i am the same as you, the children do something beautiful and everything is ok again!

    I am more determined to make changes in my school though.....for the children.

  3. Alright Teacher Weena the children need you! We all have bad days like this. :-)

  4. Not in this lifetime! I run a home-based daycare, and I swear that I have one of the best jobs on the planet. I wouldn't trade it for anything. :)

  5. Totally agree and glad to meet you from Kierna C's blog. I am in Australia - isn't it great how we can share ideas from all around the world?

  6. There are some days where we are encouraging ourselves, huh? :)
    You sound like an amazing teacher because you care so much!


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