Thursday, August 18, 2011

End of Spring: Aspire Park Field Trip

We went to Aspire Park before the end of Spring this year. 
We were a group of twelve three-year-old kids and a couple of two-year-olds; two teachers and an assistant. 
So how did we manage to keep them from running aimlessly in this awfully wide park?
This was how:
 Let them sit on the grass for a photograph. ;)

 Have Circle Time! They sung very loudly but the wind diffused their voices.

Use a tamborine.... no, they were distracted...

Walk hand in hand. They tend to step on the child in front of them or tickle them on the neck when walking in a line. (This trick I learned from Teacher Patty Silva)

Show them the ducks.

Promise them popcorn.

"Who wants popcorn?"

Still waiting for the popcorn.

Sing while still waiting for the popcorn.

Gone in five minutes.

Let them run.

Run with them, actually.

Let them chase you.

Let them catch you.

Ask: "Who wants a whirl?"

Give them a whirl, even the chubby ones.

Ask them to run back to 'our tree'

Ask your assistant to run after the wild ones 
(because you're feeling tired now).

Let them pick up stuff to put in their pockets. 

Let them watch the fountain....

Until they feel warm and want to go swimming... 
(actually it was me who wanted to go swimming)

 Walk back to the van
(and carry the youngest kid because she's flustered and too tired)

Thank you Ms. Chelle (our Nursery Nurse) for taking pictures. I seldom find myself in these.

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