Monday, June 13, 2011

Texture Boards and Tablets

Here are my Texture Boards and Tablets. I used this Texture Boards and Tablets guide to make them.
I bought the chip board planks from Daiso for 7 Qatari Riyals each. Handsome Hubby sawed the boards according to my specifications.

 Thanks to Pogi Papa (Pogi-meaning good looking in Tagalog slang) 
I was able to get a variety of textures.
 I used contact cement to stick the swatches to the boards.

 So on the top right is the rough and smooth board. Underneath is the texture board and at the sides are the pairing tablets.

 I bought this rectangular container at Al-Rawnaq but never really thought of what to put in it. I just knew it would hold whatever manipulative I made someday. I was surprised to see that the boards and tablets fit!

And this is how it looks like 'packed away'. I never thought I'd finish them so quickly.

1 comment:

  1. Galing! I'm so amazed. Uber tyaga with the texture boards, cutting pa lang ng sandpaper letters, sumuko na ako! heehee! Keep it up! ♥


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