Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Multi-sensory experience

My intention was to have the children paint in a picture using scented paint. I thought it best to make home made finger paint using flour and water because the pineapple and raspberry scents I shall put in the paint might get the children curious to taste it. The children in this class are between two years to three.
Then 'A' accidentally dipped his hand into the cup (empty yogurt cups) and felt the paint. He let go of his brush and started using his fingers! So I took his coloring page from him, poured the remaining paint onto the large paper covering the tables, and let him fingerpaint!
 I let them mix the colors, smell their hands and well yeah, even taste the paint (it smelled too good!)
They had a wonderful time! This activity encouraged peer interaction too!

As I was watching them giggle and smile, I couldn't resist joining in. I had fun too by the way (and had paint all over my camera!)

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