Friday, September 24, 2010

Pitching a Tent

The Kinder Class on pitching a tent:

Since the theme of my classroom was 'Camp Kindergarten', I thought that we might talk about MOUNTAINEERING SHOES. In the beginning of the term, the kids immediately got interested in camping, bonfire, marshmallows and pitching a tent. So I brought my tent to school.

 Everybody volunteers to help. (in the beginning, I really didn't think we could set it up!)

 A boy tries to lead his classmates. He gives them some instructions.

Oops! We spread the tent upside down.

The kids figure out that somebody must each take a corner.

 Two boys read the instructions. They knew somehow, that it was important to read the instructions.

 Now this is the tricky part. The children learned a big word: COOPERATION

We did it! (It was easy!)

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