Monday, January 30, 2012

Paper Plate Lion Mask

While learning about lions and the letter Ll, we made masks from paper plates.

You will need:
9" paper plates
orange, yellow and black or brown paper
tongue depressor
masking tape

 Here's how to make it:

1. Glue on the ears
2 and 3 glue on the mane
(add more glue if you find that it doesn't stay in place... )
4. glue on the nose and draw a mouth
5. let teacher put the tongue depressor with masking tape.

And its done!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pp Is for Paper Pizza

We made paper pizza this week in preparation for our pizza making field trip next week.

 I used decorative scissors with wave design to cut yellow paper for the cheese.

Here are the other pre-cut colored papers for pepperoni, mushrooms and bell pepper.
I used my finger paint recipe for the pizza sauce.
The pizza sauce will glue the other 'ingredients' on to the 'pizza crust'.
And brown boards cut into circles for the pizza crust.

 Cereal or storage boxes can also be used for the pizza crust.

 We watched  a pizza making video clip on YouTube first,
then went on to make our paper pizza

We had lots of messy fun!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fish Craft Activity

We made a paper fish craft as an extension activity for Ff is for fireman lesson.
I asked the kids: "What else begins with /f/?"
A couple of them said "Fish!"
And some of them suggested more words that begin with Ff
(Some words didn't begin with Ff at all.)
And so the next day, we made this.

 One black colored A3 size paper makes two of these:
You can download the template here.

I used a correction pen to draw the mouth and the face.

Then I cut circles from art paper, 1" in diameter.

The kids glued the  colored circles onto the paper fish.
And to finish it off, we glued 1 wiggly eye.

We played with the fish for a while before pasting them onto green paper.
I wrote Ff and the word fish at the top of the page.
And so they wanted to try and write the letter F too.
Then, we got 'busy' again.

Make your own fish craft
Have fun!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dd Is For Dog

Here's a simple and easy paper craft for learning the letter Dd or about dogs. My 2-3 year olds were able to do it with minimal assistance.

   black colored paper
   light yellow colored paper
   orange colored paper
   wiggly eyes

I cut the pieces beforehand so all they would do is glue them on. I showed them a picture of a real dog and asked them to point out its ears, snout, nose, eyes and whiskers. Then I showed them how to fold the paper to make the ears. Then, I showed them each piece of paper and asked them what part of the dog's face they think it was. And then I gave them glue....

Most of the parts went on nicely, some eyes were way up, some were near the snout. And some noses were in the middle of the snout... and the whiskers! They were all over! I guess they were a bit too small for their fingers to manipulate.

All the time we were making this, the kids kept saying 'd-d-dog'.

Fire Station Fieldtrip

My status last Thursday on my Facebook page read: "Fieldtrip blooper: We went to the wrong fire station! But we had fun though.

And yes, we had fun. Oblivious to the fact that the firemen were feeling a bit 'ambushed.'
We went to the Civil Defense Headquarters in Doha, at Onaiza street

They showed us their firetrucks - big and small.
And let us touch and explore.

We took a look inside a fire truck.

 They were very happy to show us around.

Each one had a turn holding the big hose.

And also got a turn on the hoist platform.

We had juice.

All along we thought that we were in the right fire station.
So when we were in the van, on our way back to the nursery, our manager called.

Rachelle( our Nursery Nurse) : Hello Madam.
Madam: Where are you? Where did you go? Why didn't you go to the fire station
Rachelle: We went to the fire station near the Hamad accommodation
Madam: You were supposed to go to Azizia


Then our Arabic teacher shared with us her conversation with the Chief.
(In Arabic, but now translated in English)
Chief: Did you call us beforehand?
Abla: Yes, our manager called you. You must have forgotten.
Chief: Ah, yes, I may have forgotten....

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

We Love Super Simple Songs

The kids learn English in a fun way.
They sing the songs at home too.
The parents come to me and ask;
"What is she singing?"
Well, most of the kids don't get the lyrics right at first,
but they do love to sing the songs over and over again.
Here are photos I took while we sang the Camera Song.

Let's take a picture, you and me.
Look at the camera 1, 2, 3.
Let's take a picture, you and me.
Look at the camera, say cheese!

(So I take out my camera because I want to remember their faces!)

Okay lets make a happy face.


Let's take a picture, you and me.
Look at the camera 1, 2, 3.
Let's take a picture, you and me.
Look at the camera, say cheese!

Okay, okay this time, lets make a funny face.


Let's take a picture, you and me.
Look at the camera 1, 2, 3.
Let's take a picture, you and me.
Look at the camera, say cheese!

Okay, okay this time, lets make a scary, monster face.


Let's take a picture you and me. 1,2,3.
Say cheese!

We still need to work on the scary monster face though...



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