Monday, June 27, 2011

More Home/Teacher Made Manipulatives

Paint chips from Pogi Papa. They make fantastic color tablets.

 I cut them in to then laminated them.
 I cut folder slides according to the width of he laminated paint chips
Fill a slide with hot glue (glue gun) then attach one end of the tablet. Do the same on the other side.

 This is my Color Box 1

 Sandpaper letters. They all fit nicely in the storage box I bought at Al-Rawnaq.
 First I cut the foam boards into rectangles. Then printed out the alphabet in lower case, cut them out and traced them (face down) onto the back of the sandpaper. Then I cut the sand paper (I used a small pair of scissors to get through those curves and holes) and glued them onto the boards.
Counting Coconuts. I found this great idea here. I thought I'd make one for my class.

 Color Bingo. Color matching for toddlers and twos. The mats are made from A3 board and the splashes from craft foam.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Texture Boards and Tablets

Here are my Texture Boards and Tablets. I used this Texture Boards and Tablets guide to make them.
I bought the chip board planks from Daiso for 7 Qatari Riyals each. Handsome Hubby sawed the boards according to my specifications.

 Thanks to Pogi Papa (Pogi-meaning good looking in Tagalog slang) 
I was able to get a variety of textures.
 I used contact cement to stick the swatches to the boards.

 So on the top right is the rough and smooth board. Underneath is the texture board and at the sides are the pairing tablets.

 I bought this rectangular container at Al-Rawnaq but never really thought of what to put in it. I just knew it would hold whatever manipulative I made someday. I was surprised to see that the boards and tablets fit!

And this is how it looks like 'packed away'. I never thought I'd finish them so quickly.

Homemade Manipulatives

Here are some household items you can use to make manipulatives. I bought most of them from Daiso for 7 Qatari Riyals each (around $2).
Non-skid mats. They're long so I cut them into three. These are good working mats for manipulatives with marbles or plastic counters so they won't roll or bounce off the table.
I found this 'fruits and nuts' tray at Al-Rawnaq in Doha for 12 Qatari Riyals. I had extra craft foam from my Constructive Triangles
so I cut them into shapes in the primary (red, blue, yellow) and secondary (green, purple, orange) colors.

The children can sort by color....
or by shape.
Now I got these cute plastic hearts from Daiso for 7 Riyals a pack. The long transparent tray also for 7 riyals at Daiso and the plastic squares (I think they're custard or gelatin cups, they come in different sizes and shapes) are from Al-Rawnaq at 20 pieces for 5 Riyals.
This manipulative is great for teaching addition to Kindergarteners but you can always use them as counters or for sorting.

These pompoms (aren't they so bright and colorful?) I also got from Daiso for, you guessed it, 7 Riyals each. I placed them in microwavable plastic containers and painted the bottom with the matching color.
The plastic tray and tongs, I also got from Daiso. This manipulative will target fine motor, cognitive and thinking skills.
I also found colorful marbles at Daiso. I took a bag and placed them in my shopping cart thinking that I will also find a container for them in this big store. And so I found this ice tray. It has a box to keep your ice cubes (or marbles for that matter). I used markers to color the sticker dots so the children will have some sort of a guide.

Scooping and color matching. (the scoop is part of a plastic measuring spoon set)
And only one marble can fit into the scoop, so the children will have to scoop them one by one.

I enjoyed shopping for these items as much as I enjoyed putting them together. Special thanks to Handsome Hubby for helping me carry those big shopping bags.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Constructive Triangles

Here's what I've been doing all week.I bought the craft foam from Al-Rawnaq Trading (Doha, Qatar) and downloaded the templates from here:

I used contact cement to stick the craft foam on to the magnetic sheet (in this case I used a magnetic whiteboard, the types you put on the refrigerator). I bought the whiteboard from Daiso. Then waited a day for all of the triangles to dry and cut them.
 I also bought the magnetic whiteboard (the thicker one) from Daiso. This will be the 'working mat'.
 Then printed out 'guides' per set: Triangle Box #1, #2, #3 and #4
 I separated the triangles too. Each 'box' in a sandwich bag and all of them in a rectangular plastic container.

 The children can use the guide to construct the shapes.
This is how it should be packed away on the shelf.

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