Friday, November 4, 2016

Jellyfish Craft

This month we are talking about bath, bubbles, beaches, boats, fishes, whales and snails. So while talked about fishes in the sea, somebody said. "Jellyfish go up and down too!"
The next day, we made our own jellyfish.


You will need:

Jellyfish pattern:
Pattern fits A4 size paper.

I used blue board

For the tentacles we used:
Yarn. Use any color you want.

The length is about 60 cm

And crepe paper strips. We used blue and white.

Small muffin liners for eyes.

And black felt cloth cut into small circles.

The process.

I don't show samples to the children. I usally prepare the materials and show them a real picture of the object we will craft and then allow them to create their own versions.
We watched a couple of jellyfish videos on YouTube first then agreed to make our own jellyfish. 

After painting, we played with bubbles outside.

Then proceeded to put the tentacles.

I helped in gluing on the eyes. It took a while to dry so we only got to play with our jellyfish the next day.

Happy crafting!

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