Sunday, June 30, 2013

Umbrella Craft

I brought an umbrella to class during our 4 Season Theme. The kids loved it! We pretended to go out in a drizzle, then rain, then heavy rain and finally a storm. We imagined being dragged up, up, up in the air! 
Everyone wanted a turn to hold the umbrella. And when it was time to keep it, the kids begged to play with it more. 
So while I allowed them to explore more of the umbrella, I prepared a quick craft activity. 

I drew an umbrella and took out some craft sticks for handles.
You can download the template here.
Then some of the kids noticed what I was doing so We started painting.

We let it dry while we ate our snacks. I then cut out the umbrella and taped the craft stick on it.
Each kid had his/ her own umbrella!

Its time to go out in the rain!
But of course we have to pretend.
Rain seldom falls here in Qatar.

Download the umbrella template and make your own.

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