Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fish Craft Activity

We made a paper fish craft as an extension activity for Ff is for fireman lesson.
I asked the kids: "What else begins with /f/?"
A couple of them said "Fish!"
And some of them suggested more words that begin with Ff
(Some words didn't begin with Ff at all.)
And so the next day, we made this.

 One black colored A3 size paper makes two of these:
You can download the template here.

I used a correction pen to draw the mouth and the face.

Then I cut circles from art paper, 1" in diameter.

The kids glued the  colored circles onto the paper fish.
And to finish it off, we glued 1 wiggly eye.

We played with the fish for a while before pasting them onto green paper.
I wrote Ff and the word fish at the top of the page.
And so they wanted to try and write the letter F too.
Then, we got 'busy' again.

Make your own fish craft
Have fun!

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