Sunday, November 27, 2011

For The Love of Kids (Making Felt Food)

Three weeks ago, I searched through my blog reading list and Pinterest for felt food tutorials. 
Determined to make felt food for my Nursery class, I (together with Handsome Hubby), marched to the store to purchase all the necessary materials needed.
And very timely, Childhood 101 with Amanda at Not Just Cute had a list of felt food tutorials
Felt food I made with a little help from Handsome Hubby

Here are some more tutorials:

We played with them, sorted them by size or color, pretended to eat them (and got them a little wet), counted them, named them (English and Arabic), and who knows what else the kids did with them when I wasn't looking!

And best of all, we had fun.

Not bad for someone who does not know how to sew huh?

Have you made some felt food lately?

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