Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dear Grown Ups

A happy childhood will definitely make a happy adult life. This is addressed to all grown-ups who have and work with children younger than 8 years.
Dear Grown-ups,
Although we desperately want to be like you, even in our youth, it does not mean that we think and feel like you do. We may sometimes be impossible and irritating but we’ll let you in a little secret. What we will tell you now will help us live our childhood happily and productively and may just give you a little daily sanity.
Make our environment friendly. Bed sheets with prints of our favorite characters would be a treat. We will definitely agree to go to bed early if Buzz and Woody would be with us in our sleep. Waking up in the morning would be exciting if all the Disney Princesses would be seated at the breakfast table (even if it’s just in our imagination, bowls and plates in their print will do). We will look forward to our day if we still have a problem to solve, something to create or discover. So don’t just provide us with fancy expensive toys that entertain, we would appreciate colorful building blocks which we can use to create something new each day than a battery operated penguin slide. Well, if you have bought us this toy already, don’t expect it to last for more than a month because our curiosity would soon take hold of us and we would probably want to figure out how it works by taking it apart. We would learn more about balance, symmetry, gravity, space relation and geometry using blocks. Although you’d wish to have more TV time like we do, sitting in front of a box that talks all the time is not our idea of rest and relaxation. We have only been in this world for less than a decade so our mind and bodies are eager to learn and discover more about this wonderful world. We will sleep when we feel sleepy. But please help us create good sleeping habits by being consistent in our sleeping and waking times. And no, we will definitely not sleep when we know that after we do, you’ll be out partying. We want to party too. Remember that we told you that we desperately want to be like you? Well, it would certainly benefit us both if you could show us how to eat good food like fruits and vegetables at the dinner table. Believe us, we would want to eat what you eat (maybe that’s why we want to eat chips and chocolates so much).
So okay, this may be too much information or maybe just a reminder of what you guys already know. We still have a lot to tell you but we hope you get the picture and see things from less than three feet above the ground.

Your children
Your children’s children
Your children’s, children’s children (you get the point)

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